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Cameroon Student’s Society Organize Football Tournament to Foster Unity

Cameroon Student’s Society Organize Football Tournament to Foster Unity
Published Date: Thursday, 23 July 2020


Cameroon student’s society organized a football tournament to promote Love, Peace and Foster Unity amongst Cameroonians in Famagusta. It has been a very challenging moment with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which is ravaging the globe. The football tournament was aimed to entertain the people of the beautiful city of Famagusta with the “Beautiful Game”.

Special guest of honor’s invited to the football tournament final includes, the Vice Rector student’s affairs Eastern Mediterranean University, the Mayor of Famagusta and the Famagusta police


International Students and passerby’s gathered in front of the Magem outdoor football complex in Famagusta to witness the football tournament final while being entertained with music and shouting with mixed reactions as the game went on.

A public statement made by the president of the Cameroonian society prior the start of the football tournament final match is as follows; We appreciate the vision and the works of the Mayor of Famagusta in collaboration with his entire cabinet to ensure that Famagusta undergoes a consistent and sustainable developmental process. Further thanks to the Police for their dedication, relentless and steadfast service to humanity in the light of maintaining peace, law and order irrespective of the risk involved; thus, ensuring a safe place for habitation. A special appreciation goes to the Eastern Mediterranean University which stands as the beacon of higher learning in the T.R.N.C across the Mediterranean. We say thank you for the new developments implemented with respect to the mode of studies and also for the reduction of the initial diploma fee. This has gone a long way to motivate and encourage students.


We sincerely hope that today's football tournament final contributes to the awareness of Love, Peace and Foster Unity among all the students in the Famagusta community.