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EMU Organizes a Protest March Against Racism

EMU Organizes a Protest March Against Racism
Published Date: Sunday, 12 July 2020

Protest marches against racism have took place all around the world following the death of George Floyd in the USA who became a symbol for people against police violence. Recently, a protest was also taken place in the Eastern Mediterranean University.

Students and academic staff members, who gathered in front of the EMU Social and Cultural Activities Center building, marched in protest throughout the EMU campus by shouting slogans and holding banners.

A public statement made by the students prior the protest march is as follows; “We are gathered together to protest the racist acts against black people. Our aim is to march in protest in order to raise awareness against racism. We want all the racist actions that result in people being subject to discrimination within a society or even claim their lives to end right now.

We sincerely hope that today's march contributes to the awareness raising on disadvantaged people because of their skin colors and the discrimination they are going through.  No to all kinds of racism and discrimination where nobody is marginalized."

The protest march took place following the public statement.