Alumni Office


​​The Alumni Communications and Career Development Directorate (known as 'MIKA') organises activities and events in order to strengthen the relationship amongst the University, the alumni and the community. The Directorate also provides supportive services related to current students' prospective career plans.


​​MIKA endeavors to contribute to the growth of an elite and prestigious community of EMU graduates throughout the world.

​​Life-long Communication

Adopting a "life-long communication" philosophy and regularly updating alumni-related information, MIKA ensures the establishment and the continuation of communication between the University and the alumni. The Directorate administers regular alumni surveys and shar​es the feedback obtained from graduates with the relevant departments/units of the University. MIKA also works towards the enhancement of the communication amongst EMU graduates by organizing regular social events.

Career ​​​Services

MIKA offers career consultancy services for students both during their study period and following their graduation. In this respect, seminars, workshops and training programs aiming for a sustainable career are frequently organized by the Directorate. The Directorate also ​​supports students regarding their career and internship practice plans through the collaborations settled between the sector and the University.

Coll​​aborations with Sectors

Havin​​g established various collaborations between academic units and the professional world, MIKA contributes to the positive relationship between the University and the sector.

Comm​​unity Services

Having settled joint projects with the TRNC Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry, European Union Support Office and many other non-governmental organizations, the Directorate supports the country's social and economic development.